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Compass adds many features and blocks to Scratch. Some are for connecting to another computer with Compass or Scratch. That feature is called "mesh". Compass also has cool blocks called "Obsolite blocks". These are blocks that produce an error on purpose. They are useful for testing if you are online or offline.
For example:

The reason that that works is because online Compass stops at an obsolete, whereas Compass ignores it.

Programming with Mesh

Programming with Mesh is the same as programming without it - the interface is the same as always. But when a Mesh session is in activity, it changes: Broadcasts are received on all Scratch/Compass programs. Each Scratch/Compass program's variables are available for use on the others. If a broadcast is created on one Scratch/Compass program, it does not show up in the broadcast list on the other Scratch/Compass programs - however, broadcasts will still be received on all Scratch/Compass programs. To create a broadcast for use in all Scratch/Compass programs, the broadcast has to be made on each Scratch/Compass program. To use variables that are from a different Scratch/Compass program, the () Sensor Value block can be used - all the variables from the other Scratch/Compass programs will show in the drop-down menu. That is the only place they will be available - the Variables section will only show the variables made on the Scratch/Compass program that is being used.

Mesh is a feature in Compass that allows two computers to connect in a game.It can be used with the "Host Mesh","Join Mesh",and "Show IP Address" blocks. To use mesh with your friend,one person has to host the mesh and one has to join it. 

For Example,if player 1 was hosting and player 2 was joining,it would work like this: 

Player1: Host Mesh 

Player2: Join Mesh 

Player1: His IP address pops up 

Player2: Enters Player1`s IP address 

They are connected. To access variables from another player when connected in mesh use the slider sensor block (Under the sensing category).

Downloading Compass

To Download Compass,please click here.

Mesh is a feature in Compass that allows two computers to connect in a game.It can be used with the "Host Mesh","Join Mesh",and 

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